About Us

Seatplans.com is the brainchild of the editorial staff of Business Traveller magazine, and its websites BusinessTraveller.com and Businesstraveller.asia.

For over 35 years Business Traveller has published reviews of economy and business class products on airlines. These Tried & Tested reviews are the basis for the editorial reviews on Seatplans.com, and whenever a new review is posted by one of the staff on businesstraveller.com. it will also be posted to Seatplans.com.

In recent years Business Traveller has also published several Class Surveys, which are the basis of the seat statistics you will find on the Seatplans.com. The purpose here is to give accurate information, obtained from the airlines, regarding the degree of recline in these seats, the pitch and the the seat width.
To see the full list of publications, visit the website at Panacea Publishing International.

If you have comments about the website, please email us at enquiries@seatplans.com.