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News Features

The latest leisure travel news, views and analysis from our editorial team here at Panacea Publishing

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A collection of useful guides for those looking to travel by air including major carriers and airports

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Health and Safety abroad

Guides on how to cope with issues faced abroad, including advice on how to stay safe, healthy and on the right side of the law and the locals while away

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Plane Speaking guides you through the myriad of airline and airport codes, abbreviations and airline alliances

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Best User Reviews

A month-by-month round up of the best user-generated flight reviews submitted to including the winners of our monthly prizes

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Seat Choice

Window seat or aisle? Bulkhead or emergency exit? Read our advice on how to pick the best seat on the plane

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Seat statistics

Want to know how we measure the seat statistics on board your next flight? Here are a few notes to help clarify the numbers

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Confused about codeshares and what they mean for your flight? explains it all for you

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Why isn’t it on my plane?

Ever wondered why that new product everyone is talking about isn't available on your plane?

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Tried and Tested

Reviews of the latest airline routes and cabins, from our dedicated team at Panacea Publishing

Your airline questions answered

We are constantly answering your inquiries via e-mail, so here is a selection of the most asked questions with the relevant responses from our in-house experts.