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Q&A: Thomson Airways - Exeter to Gran Canaria



I have just booked my seats for a trip from Exeter to Gran Canaria on the 2cnd April 2011. I already had extra leg room seats and asked for Row 12 c and d, which I usually have on the Airbus A320 from Exeter.

The Thomson Airways operative told me that only Row 13 a,b,c,d,e,f were extra legroom on that flight. He did confuse me a bit by saying the aircraft was an Airbus 737!

I have had a look through your seat plans on this web-site and could see none that had Row 13 as the only extra legroom seats.

Could you please confirm what aircraft will be on that particular flight and what e.l.r. seats are available.

Thank you,

Michael Dickson



This is a confusing one. The only

extra space option we can find in row 13 on Thomson aircraft is on its 757 fleet in seats A to C. It’s quite possible that you’ll be flying on one of these as they have can easily reach the Canaries.

We suggest you press Thomson for an answer, as it may have switched the aircraft type since it originally sold you the ticket.

Do come back to us if you don’t get anywhere.


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