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Q&A: Thomson Airways - Manchester to Puerto del Rosario


Can you help - we are flying on TOM2300 and have got seats 16A and 16B on the outbound flight, and 13E and 13F on the home journey are these good seats.

Hope you can help.

Thank You

Jane Halliwell


Hello Jane,

Thanks for getting in touch.

When are you flying? We assume you’ll be flying on a Thomson Airways A321 between Manchester and Puerto del Rosario, in which case you can find your seatplan here:

The seats you’ve been given would appear to be fairly average, as in there’s nothing particularly good or bad about then. Both are pairs of seats closest to the window, so you’ll have to fight for the nice views.

If you’re considering paying to change your seats, we would recommend you plump for seats on an exit row, such as rows 11, 25 or seats 26E and 26F. You’ll get plenty of legroom there, something to think about on a 4.5hr flight.

Do let us know how you get on, and remember to visit to leave a review.

Happy flying,

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