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Q&A: Thomson Airways - Manchester to Sal (Cape Verde)


Can you tell me which aircraft fly Manchester to Sal, Cape Verde please?

Thompson airways, I can't seem to find the flight.


Ron Newton


Hello Ronald,

Thanks for getting in touch.

When will you be flying? We believe you’ll be on flight TOM556 from Manchester International to Amilcar Cabral International Airport, Sal, Cape Verde. Does this sound about right?

If we’re correct, that flight is served by a B757-200, the seatplan for which can be found here:

There are actually at least six different configurations of the B757, but thankfully there isn’t a lot to choose between them. If you would like to see them, follow the link below to see a list of all the seating plans we have:

Do let us know how you get on.

Happy flying,

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