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Q&A: Thomson Airways - Telephone waiting times


I am unable to contact you by phone as you tell me I could have to wait for up to 30 minutes!

I am unable to reserve my seats on the internet.

I have already booked seats 33A & 33b for the outward flight (TOM4512) on 3rd June.

Please reserve same seats for return flight  (TOM4513) on 17th June.

I look forward to your confirmation.



Hello Norman,

Thanks for getting in touch, however I believe that you have us mistaken for Thomson Airways themselves. We at provide an airline review and advice service, and are not affiliated with any one airline.

We understand that the long wait for a customer services representative at Thomson can be frustrating. You could try sending this issue through to the following email address:

If you have mobility issues, or something that might be considered a handicap, then you could try Thomson’s special assistance telephone number - 0844 871 1600. The waiting time will probably be shorter.

All the best,

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