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Q&A: United Airlines - IFE on board the A320


Hi everyone!!

I have asked you questions before and you never let me down so I hope you can help me this time.

I am booked to travel DUB-ORD-PHX in January with Aer Lingus and United.

My ORD-PHX sector is scheduled to be operated by an Airbus 320, my question relates to the IFE.

Does United offer IFE on their A320's? I have used them before on ORD-SFO-ORD and they offered IFE on their 767's and was wondering, given that its almost 4hrs duration, do they offer it on this particular aircraft.

Any information would be appreciated.

Kindest Regards,

John Quinn.



Dear John,

Glad we can be of service!

United claim that it provides audio entertainment with free headsets on all flights, with complimentary movies on all flights of 3hrs or longer.

On looking at the carriers own seat plan for the A320 it looks like the IFE will be provided by overhead screens spaced out every 2 or 3 rows depending on which class you are travelling.

I hope this helps and we hope to hear about your flight with a user review on your return, you may even win one of ten Contura suit carriers:

Happy Flying,



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