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  • Q&A: Thomson Airways - Manchester to Antalya

    Hi, I'm due to travel on 8th and 22nd feb manchester to antalya return are you able to confirm what type of aircraft will be used and alo the seating arrangements wether its 3-3 or 2-3-2 etc Thank you, Sam Ozcan

  • Q&A: Thomson Airways - Manchester to Sal (Cape Verde)

    Can you tell me which aircraft fly Manchester to Sal, Cape Verde please? Thompson airways, I can't seem to find the flight. Thanks, Ron Newton

  • Q&A: Thomson Airways - Manchester to Puerto del Rosario

    Can you help - we are flying on TOM2300 and have got seats 16A and 16B on the outbound flight, and 13E and 13F on the home journey are these good seats. Hope you can help. Thank You Jane Halliwell

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  • Q&A: XL Airways - Please add!

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  • Q&A: Thomson Airways - Exeter to Gran Canaria

    I have just booked my seats for a trip from Exeter to Gran Canaria on the 2cnd April 2011. I already had extra leg room seats and asked for Row 12 c and d, which I usually have on the Airbus A320 from Exeter. The Thomson Airways operative told me that only Row 13 a,b,c,d,e,f were extra legroom on that flight. He did confuse me a bit by saying the aircraft was an Airbus 737! I have had a look through your seat plans on this web-site and could see none that had Row 13 as the only extra legroom seats. Could you please confirm what aircraft will be on that particular flight and what e.l.r. seats are available.

  • Q&A: Thomson Airways - Durham Tees Valley to Sharm el Sheikh

    We are thinking about booking seats on our forthcoming flight from Durham Tees Valley to Sharm el Sheikh which I understand is a 737-800 aircraft. Do you know if the very back row (row 32) have seats which recline please?

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