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  • Q&A: Aer Lingus - Dublin to Lanzarote (DUB-ACE)

    Hi team, Your website is great but there is one or two questions I'd like to ask. I'm due to travel with Aer Lingus on August 16th this year on the EI778 (dub-ace) and on the 23rd on the EI779 (ace-dub). They have told me since they have switched the aircraft from A321 to A320. They say they have honored my extra legroom request (beacause I paid). I have been moved from 10 d+e to 13 d+e. Which is fine, I'm guessing these will be similar to rows 16 and 17 with FR. I'm a bit confused by their website, if I try to book the same flight and click on the read only seat map it shows a map of A320. But when I click on the flight number it says A321. How likely is it that they have made this switch, keeping in mind that they never told me till I noticed and rang them. Also Coming back I am booked into 1 a +b. Can you describe these seats for me in terms of legroom and is the row of seats in line with a window, or is it like row 15 on the FR aircraft where the window is halfway behind the seat! Any info or advice you could give me would be hugely appreciated. Kindest Regards, John Quinn

  • Air-Europa

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  • Q&A: Air Europa - New York to Madrid seating

    I am flying to Madrid from JFK on flight number 92 which I believe is an Airbus A330-200. I am sure that you will be able to confirm that whatever the aircraft might be tomorrow night, you can learn of the seat configuration for me. This is important for me to know.

  • Air-France

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  • Q&A: Air France - A380 business class?

    What is seat pitch on the Air France A380 in Business Class? I booked this flight PAR - JNB on the basis of it having proper FLAT BED SEATS; but I note some websites now say the pitch is only 55 inches which is only enough for angled seats.

  • Norwegian

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  • Q&A: Norwegian Air, please add

    Thank you for setting me up with this, have now submitted several flight reviews. I’d also like to submit a review of a flight made with Norwegian from Tromso to Oslo, but Norwegian isn’t on the drop down menu of airlines. Please can this airline be added.

  • British Airways

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  • Q&A: British Airways - Missing middle seat on A320

    I am trying to determine which seats to select on an upcoming BA A320 flight from LHR to VIE. I am in a party of 2. On another seating site,, on the A320 seat map, it says "Also note that the middle seat on the row immediately behind the movable divider is never sold." Is this true? On my seat map, the B seat in the first row behind Club Europe is not shown, but the seat on the right of the aisle behind the divider, seat E, is shown as being available. So is or the BA seat availability map correct, or is there no set arrangement?